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SD28 Quick Reference Guides

These Quick Reference Guides were produced by SD28 for use in our own training sessions.  Other districts are welcome to use and modify them.  They are mostly MS Word format so they will be easy to modify.

QRGs for Common Use

Student Services Guides

Guide for Casual Secretaries

Homeschool students

Postal Code conventions

Aboriginal Status Information

ESL and ESD Information

Assign 28 Core French

Teams/Groups Reference Guide

Change a student's homeroom

Producing labels

Pre-Transition Tips

QRGs for Elementary Use

Guide for Elementary Teachers (PDF)

School Startup Activities

Preparing for Year-End


Entering Final Marks-A Guide for Secretaries
(for schools not using BCeSIS report cards)

School Setup for Elementary Report Cards

Kindergarten Registration

QRGs for Secondary Use

Guide for Secondary Teachers (PDF)

Creating Course Sections

Combining Course Sections

Deleting Course Sections

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