Board Goals & Planning


Mission Statement

The purpose of the British Columbia School system is to enable learners to develop their individual potential and to acquire the                                         knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to contribute to a healthy society and a prosperous and sustainable economy.

Quesnel School District Vision & Values (adopted May 2015)


All students in the Quesnel School District will grow and learn; the success of our students is at the core of all our decisions and                                               actions. Collaboration and evidence based conversations will inform our work in assessment, instruction, and intervention so that all students will experience academic, social and emotional growth, and ultimately, their transition into adulthood is nurtured. Our advocacy on behalf of each student will make School District #28 a district where engaged students become critical thinkers and responsible citizens.


In order to achieve our vision, we in the Quesnel School District​ we, in the Quesnel School District, commit to:

  • providing early literacy intervention Grades K-2
  • providing literacy intervention Grades 3-12
  • providing numeracy intervention Grades K-12
  • providing social emotional learning grades K-12
  • engaging in collaboration (Subject, Grade, School, District)
  • including parents in supporting children’s learning
  • serving a diverse population of students in an inclusive environment
  • developing and using common, authentic assessments
  • building positive relationships among all District personnel
  • providing training, in service and opportunities for professional development
  • effectively using resources  (facilities, staffing, equipment, technology)

Board of Education Goals and Action Plan


Trustees are committed to supporting the student achievement goals identified in the district’s achievement contract.  The short term goals and the specific actions will be reviewed in January 2016. 

GOAL 1: To maintain the Quesnel School District’s focus on the improvement of student achievement by:      
  • Resourcing and supporting school and District level programs and services aimed at achieving education equity for all students.
  • Ensuring the District literacy focus and current staffing levels are maintained.​    
GOAL 2: To maintain the District’s focus on Aboriginal Education by:
  • Designating an Aboriginal Planning Day in the annual school calendar.
  • Ensuring that Aboriginal Education is a funding priority in the annual budgeting process.
  • Support the implementation of the new Indian Residential Schools and Reconciliation Curriculum for grades 5, 10 and                                                      senior History and Law classes.
GOAL 3: To communicate with the community by:
  • Regularly publishing articles and new releases which may focus on:
    • student achievement
    • Policy/news information
    • Board business
    • Trustee report on committee work for School Notes.
  • Reporting on student delegations at the Education Committee meetings.
  • Continuing to provide all public meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Report on highlights from the Board meeting for Update 28 and Principals meeting.
GOAL 4: To improve community engagement by:
  • Investigating and accessing professional development opportunities that are supportive of District needs.
  • Create opportunities for dialogue, through a variety of approaches with parents through school parent advisory councils and the District Parent Advisory Council regarding specific education initiatives.
  • Participating/attending school based or community events as appropriate.
GOAL 5: To review all School District #28 facilities by:
  • Continue to monitor and report on enrolment and capacity at the regular Finance Committee meetings.
  • Initiating discussions with regional and provincial politicians to support the replacement of infrastructure in the north.
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