District Contact Information

Contact School District #28

District Administration Office

401 North Star Road
Quesnel, BC
V2J 5K2
​Phone: 250-992-8802
Fax: 250-992-7652

Office Hours

Monday to Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Board of Education

Tony Goulet, Chair
Email: TonyGoulet@sd28.bc.ca

David Chapman, Vice-Chair
Email: DavidChapman@sd28.bc.ca:  

Phone:   250-992-8802
Fax:         250-992-7652
Please visit  



Superintendent of Schools
Dan Lowndes
Phone:   250-992-8802
Email: DanLowndes@sd28.bc.ca


Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools
Dianne Sanderson
Phone:   250-992-0401
Fax:        250-992-0409
Email:    DianneSanderson@sd28.bc.ca

Secretary Treasurer
Jennifer Woollends
​Phone:   250-992-8802

  Administrative Assistant to the
Secretary Treasurer

Tracy Ruether
Phone:   250-992-0404
Fax:        250-992-0409
Email:     TracyRuether@sd28.bc.ca

Director of Instruction - Curriculum
Suzanne Bolin
Phone:   250-992-8802
Fax:        250-992-7652
Email:    SuzanneBolin@sd28.bc.ca
  Secretary to Director of Instruction - Curriculum
Kathleen Roll
Phone:   250-992-0436
Email:    KathleenRoll@sd28.bc.ca

Director of Instruction - Human Resources
Perry Lofstrom
Phone:  250-992-8802
Fax:      250-992-0409
Human Resources Officer
Sandra Backer
Phone:   250-992-0407
Fax:        250-992-0409

District Principal of Support Services
Wanda Klics
Phone:   250-992-8802
Email:    WandaKlics@sd28.bc.ca 
District Principal of Aboriginal Education
JoAnne Moiese
Phone:   250-991-5550
District Principal of Distributed Learning
Carlie Coben
​Phone:   250-991-5550
Email:    CarlieCoben@sd28.bc.ca

Operations Manager
Scott Thomson
Phone:   250-983-1000
  Transportation Supervisor
Trevor Howe
Phone:   250-992-8361
Email:     TrevorHowe@sd28.bc.ca


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