District Elementary Counsellors

District Elementary Counsellors


Elementary school counselling services are district-based resource services designed to support students, their families and educators. These services are intended to facilitate the educational, personal, social, emotional and behavioral development of students in elementary schools and the community at large.

Description of Counselling Services


Elementary school counselling includes individual, group and class support to provide both intervention and prevention service.  The counsellor:
  • Promotes personal and social development appropriate to developmental stages
  • Counsels students, their families and the community to foster growth in the students' self esteem and individual responsibility, and in skills such as decision making and pro-social skills
  • Ameliorates factors which may precipitate problems for students assisting with the development of Individual Education Plans and activities such as promotion of effective work and study habits
  • Provides appropriate intervention to assist students with school-related problems and issues
  • Facilitates referrals to community resources
  • Coordinates and supports Youth Care Workers services to students

Consultation and Planning

Elementary School Counsellors consult and plan collaboratively with student, other educators, the School-Based Team, parents, community agency personnel and other professionals in planning goals and effective strategies to promote the educational, social, emotional and career development of students.  Consultation may focus on student's individual needs or on school, district or community programs or services.  School Counsellors are active participants in the planning process, assisting with the development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs)


As a member of the School-Based Team, School Counsellors assist in the access to and coordination of school, district, and other community services for students as specified by local and/or inter-ministerial protocol agreements.  Co-ordination may include information gathering, case management, referral, and liaison among home, school and community. School Counsellors frequently assist students and families with transitions.


Elementary school counsellors provide direct intervention to students in areas such as peer-helping, conflict resolution, social skills and life skills.  As well, school counsellors provide support to other educators in implementing Health and Career Education and in promoting healthy school environments and comprehensive health services to students.  Their educational role includes staff and curriculum development.


Assessment services include systematic observation, file review, interdisciplinary consultation, interviews and formal and behavioural assessment to determine skill development, strengths and weaknesses, adaptive and social emotional functioning.
Assessment findings are summarized in a written report, which is shared with the parents/guardians, the School-Based Team, and when appropriate, the student.

In-service Training

Elementary school counsellors provide in-service programs to teachers, parents and families, school personnel, and other professionals/paraprofessionals in areas of social, emotional, behavioural and academic issues.

Access to Services

School District 28 Quesnel has established referral procedures through School-Based Team for educators, students and their families and community personnel to access the service for elementary school counsellors.
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