District Inclusion Helping Teacher

District Inclusion Helping Teacher


District Inclusion Helping Teacher (DIHT) services are district based.  The role of the District Inclusion helping Teacher is to support and promote inclusion for all students in the most enabling environment within their school community.  The DIHT works as an integral member of the District Student Support Team, co-ordinates in-service for School Based Resource Teachers, and assists with the transition of new students with special needs to the district.

Description of Services

The District Inclusion Helping Teacher works with school teams to support and plan successful interventions within the regular classroom.  This includes school-based consultation, collaborative planning and co-ordination with the working team, and specific instruction.  It also includes assessment and evaluation to
Level B. The services provided by the District Inclusion Helping Teacher are mainly for the low incidence group of students as identified on the 1701 list.


Consultative services may include:
  • collaboration with the Classroom Teacher and/or School Based Resource Teacher to design or implement instructional strategies, or to adapt/modify instructional content or materials,
  • advising the Classroom Teacher and/or School Based Resource Teacher concerning adjustments to curriculum, instruction, or environmental factors in the classroom which may facilitate learning for a student, and
  • consulting with district and community resource personnel.

Collaborative Planning An Co-ordination

The District Inclusion Helping Teacher provides collaborative consultation, assists with pre-referral interventions and works closely with school based resource teachers to plan for, organize and access additional support for students with special needs.  In-service training opportunities and a collaborative team approach are recommended to support and encourage the development of the necessary skills and understandings, which the classroom teacher may require.

Specific Instruction

Instructional services may include:

  • demonstrating and/or training School Based Resource Teachers and/or Student Support Workers in strategies that would help a student become more independent within the classroom
  • teaching students to develop learning strategies for use in classroom settings

The purpose of assessment and evaluation is to plan and implement an educational program to help the student learn.  The assessment support may include curriculum based assessment, criterion-referenced or norm-referenced assessment to Level B, systematic observation and collection of baseline data. 

Access to District Inclusion Helping Teacher Services

District Inclusion Helping Teacher services are generally requested through the School Based Team by making a referral to the District Student Support Team.


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