District School Psychologist

District School Psychologist


The District School Psychologist provides Psycho Educational Assessments for students.  These assessments serve diagnostic and planning functions for students with special needs.  These assessments should assist teachers and parents to better understand the nature of the special needs, developmental factors and educational, social, emotional and career implementations.  Assessment information should be used for planning, goal setting, selective teaching, behaviour evaluation, interventions and strategies.  These findings summarize in a written report, which is shared with parents/guardians, the school-based or working team, and when appropriate, the student.

Description of Service

The District School Psychologist
  • Works collaboratively with school staffs in the identification of students requiring psycho educational assessments for adjudication purposes and for qualifying in Ministry of Education categories
  • Provides training and support for Resource Teachers in administering and interpreting Level B and Level C Assessments
  • Assists school personnel with program planning to meet the individual learning needs of students assessed
  • Collaborates with other professional staff at the school and District levels

Priorities for Service
  • Assessment to support Ministry of Education designations
  • Students requiring adjudication for provincial exams
  • Students transitioning from elementary schools to Quesnel Junior School as well as students transitioning from Quesnel Junior School to a secondary school 

Access to Services
  • Referrals may come from teachers, parents/guardians or outside agencies
  • Referrals should be reviewed with the School Based Team
  • Request for Psycho Educational Assessment forms are sent to the District Principal of Student Support Services
  • Assessment priorities are determined by the District Principal of Student Support Services in collaboration with the schools and the District School Psychologist

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