District Support Services Resource Manual

District Support Services Resource Manual


School-Based Resources
District Resources
Critical Incidence Procedures

1. Philosophy

1.1 Philosophical Statement
1.2 Board Policy Statement
1.3 Board Procedures
1.4 Beliefs/Values/Mission/District Goals

2. School-Based Resources

2.1 Individuals

2.1.1 Student
2.1.2 Parent Concerns District Protocol Appeal Process Advocacy
2.1.3 Classroom Teacher
2.1.4 School-Based Resource Teacher Elementary Resource Teacher Timeline Secondary Resource Teacher Timeline
2.1.5 Student Support Worker
2.1.6 Secondary School Counsellor
2.1.7 Roles and Responsibilities of an Administrative Officer

2.2 Teams

2.2.1 School-Based Team
2.2.2 Working Team

2.3 Financial

2.3.1 Student Initiative Fund
2.3.2 Gifted Initiative Fund

3. District Resources

3.1 Individuals

3.1.1 District Principal of Support Services
3.1.2 District Elementary Counsellors Elementary Youth Care Worker First Nations Elementary Youth Care Worker
3.1.3 Secondary Behaviour Resource Teacher Secondary Youth Care Worker
3.1.4 District Psychometrician
3.1.5 District Inclusion Helping Teacher
3.1.6 Speech/Language Pathology
3.1.7 Occupational Therapy (updated) Community Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy (update coming)
3.1.8 District Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
3.1.9 Hospital Homebound
3.1.10 Alternate Education

3.2 Teams

3.2.1 District Support Services Team
3.2.2 Support Services Technology Team

3.3 Financial Support

3.4 Provincial Programs

3.4.1 Special Education Technology BC (SETBC) SETBC District Screening Checklist
3.4.2 Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired (PRCVI)
3.4.3 Provincial Outreach Program for Deafblindness (POPDB)
3.4.4 Provincial Outreach Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (POPDHH)
3.4.5 Provincial Integration Support Program (PISP)
3.4.6 Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders (POPARD)

3.5 Quesnel Child, Youth, and Family Network

4. Referrals

4.1 School-Based Team

4.1.1 Referral within the School-Based Team Process
4.1.2 Sample School Referral Form
4.1.3 Parent/Guardian Permission for School-Based Assessment

4.2 District Support Services Team

4.2.1 Referral for District Support Services
4.2.2 Release of Information Form

4.3 Elementary Counselling Referral Process

4.3.1 Elementary Counselling Consent Form
4.3.2 Behaviour Identification Process
4.3.3 ADHD Referral Protocol

4.4 Request for Psychological Educational Assessment

4.4.1 Referral Package for Psychoeducational Assessment

4.5 Speech/Language Pathology

4.5.1 Speech-Language Pathology Referral Form Teacher Referral for Speech-Language Services checklist

4.6 Occupational Therapist

4.6.1 Consent Forms Consent to Obtain/Release Information Consent for CDC Service Consent to School-Age OT
4.6.2 Client Record
4.6.3 Client Rights
4.6.4 Complaint Policy

4.7 Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

4.7.1 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Referral Form

4.8 Students with Visual Impairments

4.8.1 BC Association of Optometrists Checklist

4.9 McNaughton Centre Referral Process

4.10 Hospital Homebound Referral Process

4.10.1 Application for Hospital/Homebound Service

5. Documentation

5.1 General Statement

5.1.1 Role of the Parent/Guardian In the IEP process
5.1.2 Role of the Parent Advocate in the planning process

5.2.Completing the 'Excel' Version of the SD#28 Templates

5.2.1 IEP Binder Cover Page
5.2.2 File Summary Template

5.3 Individual Education Plan (IEP) Template

5.5 Behaviour Intervention Plans

5.5.1 Steps for Developing and Maintaining a Behaviour Intervention Plan
5.5.2 Checklist for Behaviour Intervention Plan Development
5.5.3 Additional Questions to Guide Developing a Behaviour Intervention Plan
5.5.4 Behaviour Intervention Plan - Miscellaneous Forms Student Demographics Cumulative Record of Behaviours Behaviour Intervention Plan (Dawn Reithaug) Crisis Intervention Plan (Dawn Reithaug) Goals Intervention Strategies Contact Log Social Responsibility Quick Scale: Grades K-3 Social Responsibility Quick Scale : Grades 4-5 Social Responsibility Quick Scale: Grades 6-8
5.5.5 District Template IEP - Behaviour Intervention Plan

5.6 Action Plan

5.9 ESL Annual Instructional Plan

6. Transitions

6.0 Overview

6.1 Supporting Documents

6.1.1 Parent/Teacher Student Summary
6.1.2 Class to Class Transitions
6.1.3 Basic Skills for Success in High School
6.1.4 Secondary Transition Profile
6.1.5 Transition Information for L.D. and 1.16 (Elementary - Secondary)

7. Assessment

7.0 Overview
7.1 School

7.1.1 Educational Assessment Procedures
7.1.2 Procedures for Achievement Testing
7.1.3 Literacy Assessment Kindergarten to Grade 9
7.1.4 FSA Exemptions for Special Needs
7.1.5 Adjudication Requests Student Adjudication Planning Sheet School Adjudication Summary

7.2 Behaviour

7.2.1 Behavioural Assessment Checklist for a Functional Assessment Problem Behaviour Questionnaire - Form A Problem Behaviour Questionnaire Profile - Form A Scatter Plot - Form B Functional Assessment Observation - Form C ABC - Form D On/Off Task Observation - Form E Helpful Hints for Analysing the Data Functional Assessment Interview for Secondary Teachers, Staff, & Parents Student Functional Assessment Interview Informal Student Interview (Alternate) Functional Assessment Competing Pathways Functional Behavioural Assessment (Dawn Reithaug) Ministry Behaviour Checklists
7.2.2 Gifted
7.2.3 Psych Ed
7.2.4 Speech/Language Pathology Assessment
7.2.5 Occupational Therapy Assessment (updated)
7.2.6 District Kindergarten Screening
7.2.7 Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
7.2.8 Resource Teacher Assessment Tools Level B Assessment Report Pre-Cognitive Achievement Assessment Report Alberta Diagnostic Summary Report ABAS Report Template
7.2.9 Ministry Autism Checklists
7.2.10 Ministry Chronic Health Checklists
7.2.11 Ministry Learning Disabilities Checklist

7.3 Report Cards

7.3.1 Report Card Insert

8. Medical

8.1 Medical Concerns
8.2 Policy for Administering Drugs
8.3 Health Care Plan Expectations

8.3.1 Health Care Plan

9. Accountability

9.1 1701 List
9.1.1 Special Education Funding Categories
9.1.2 Category Checklists

9.2 Internal Audit Process

9.2.1 Explanation of Internal Audit Criteria

9.3 Student Records

9.3.1 School Board Policy
9.3.2 Transfer of Records Form

9.4 Advisory Committee

9.5 Budget Submission/Year End Report

10. Critical Incidence Procedures

10.1 Child Protection
10.2 Problematic Sexual Behaviour
10.3 Dealing with Grief in School

10.3.1 School District Policy #510
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