Graduation Planning

Graduation Planning

Graduation Planning starts in Grade 10.  Students have a lot of choice about what they can learn. In order to graduate with a Dogwood, every student in the Graduation Program has to pass certain basic courses.
The table below gives an overview of what you need to graduate: 48 credits from required courses, and 28 credits from elective courses.

Required Courses

Subject Area Minimum Credits
a Language Arts 10 4
a Language Arts 11 4
a Language Arts 12 4
a Social Studies 10 4
a Social Studies 11 or BC First Nations Studies
or Civic Studies 11
a Science 10 4
a Science 11 or 12 4
a Mathematics 10 4
a Mathematics 11 or 12 4
Physical Education 10 4
Planning 10 4
A Fine Arts and/or Applied Skills 10, 11 or 12 4
Total 48 Credits

Elective Courses

Students must earn at least 28 elective credits for Grade 10-12 courses. ~ For elective courses available at our high schools, please see the course selection guides for Correlieu Secondary.  An additional four credits  come from your Graduation Transitions Propgram. 28 Credits + 4 credits from your Graduation Transitions Program
OVERALL TOTAL 80 credits
Of the 80 credits for graduation, at least 16 must be at the Grade 12 level, including a Grade 12 Language Arts course. Others may be required or elective courses.

Links & Websites to Assist with Graduation & Post-Secondary Planning

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