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Q. I received an email saying I am approaching my quota for files stored on the network.  What does it mean?

A. The emails may look very complex but they can be very useful.  Here's some details that may help.

Q. I need to use the computers in the DAO Board Room.  Do you have any instructions?

A. Yes. Look at this document

Q. How are the Shared folders on school networks used?

A. All school networks have a shared folder for use of all staff. Staff can create their own folders within that shared folder but they will all be accessible to all staff. In addition, the shared folder includes some restricted folders available only to certain staff - i.e. office staff or resource teachers. All staff are asked to delete their old files in shared folders when obsolete.

Q. How can teachers share files with students?

A. Each teacher has within their My Documents folder another folder called Student Work. That folder contains folders called Hand-In (for students to hand work in), Hand-Out (For teachers to distribute files) and Sandbox (for teachers and students to share work). Note that all students have access to these folders, not only the ones you teach. Also in the Student Work folder is a link to instructions for the use of these folders.  Noter that any files saved within Student Work count towards the teachers space quota so you will need to manage this space and delete old files.

Q. Is there a folder for sharing files across the district?

A. Yes.  It is called the Universal Shared folder (U:)  It functions just like the shared folders within each school but can been seen from anywhere in the district.  Again, it is important that you manage the files you store there and delete old ones.

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