Speech & Language Pathology

Speech & Language Pathology


Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) Services are district based. The role of the Speech-Language Pathologist is to support students who have communication difficulties.   Communication difficulties may include speech disorders, voice disorders, dysfluency (stuttering), social communication disorders, comprehension disorders, and expressive disorders. Speech-Language Pathologists also support students who require augmentative and alternative modes of communication (AAC).
The Speech-Language Pathologist works as a member of the District Student Support Team.
Providing assistance to students with English as a second language is not considered to be the responsibility of the speech-language pathologist, however, these students may have communication disorders that require intervention.

Description of Services

The Speech-Language Pathologist provides support for students from kindergarten through to grade 12.  Student needs are met through a variety of methods.  The following is an overview of some of the types of service that may be provided to schools.
  • Consultation and/or collaborative planning with Classroom Teachers, Resource Teachers and District Staff
  • In-service seminars for Resource Teachers, Classroom Teachers, and Educational Assistants
  • Support for technology implementation (Augmentative or Alternative Communication)
  • Direct intervention either individually or in groups with the Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Direct intervention either individually or in groups with the Speech-Language Assistant (under the guidance of the Speech-Language Pathologist)

Access to Services

Requests for service are made through School-Based who in turn make a referral to the Student Support team.  Requests are prioritized based on needs of the school district as a whole.
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