SD28 Transportation Department

Contact Information:

George McGowan (Transportation Supervisor) 
Donna Wurm (Transportation Secretary)

School Bus Registration Form - to fill out and give to driver

Policy No. 535 - Cold Weather: School& Bus Operations:

          Policy 535 - When buses will be cancelled  
          Procedure 535 - What we will do when buses are cancelled.  
          Procedures 535A - Cold Weather Notice - Cold weather information for parents  


Bus Schedules 2017-2018

The bus route descriptions are the general area that these busses run. Check all routes for your area to confirm which bus your child should ride. Click on the Route # below to see the detailed schedule.       
Please note: All of these bus stop times are approximate.  Please be 5-10 minutes early to make sure you are there in time.

Route # Morning Route Afternoon Route

Bus Time Arriving at Schools

Bus Time Arriving at Schools

9 Special Needs Special Needs
10 Special Needs Special Needs
15 Nazko Valley Nazko Valley
16 Wells/Barlow Blueridge Rd./Sundown Rd. /Wells
17 Marguerite Ferry Glassford Rd./Marguerite Ferry
20 Strathnavor/Old Prince George Hwy Strathnavor/Old Prince George Hwy
38 Rawlings/Blackwater// Milburn Lake Rawlings Rd./Blackwater Rd. / Pinnacles Rd.
39 Loloff/Yendrys/Dragon Lake Lois Lane/Sales Rd. West / Red Bluff Rd.
40 Dragon Lake/Johnson Rd/Durrell Rd. Yendry's/Durrell/Maple Dr.
43 Quesnel Hydraulic/ Dragon Lake Quesnel Hydraulic/ Dragon Lake
44 Paradise Rd./Norwood Rd./Bradford Rd. Paradise Rd./Norwood Rd./Pinnacles Rd.
45 Drummond Rd./Blueridge/Sundowner Schemenaurer Rd/Mclean Rd./Mathews Rd.
46 Old Prince George Hwy/Kirby Rd. Bjornson Rd./Old Prince George Hwy
47 Marsh Rd. Plywood Hill/Marsh Rd.
50 French Rd./Red Bluff Rd. French Rd./Red Bluff Rd.
51 Tibbles Lake/Nako Rd. Tibbles Lake/Naxko Rd.
52 Lust/Red Bluff/Johnson Sub Northstar, Plywood Hill/Maple Dr.
53 Marguerite Hwy 97 S Sales Rd. West/Red Bluff Rd. /Hwy 97 S.
54 10 Mile Lake/McLean Rd./Mathews Rd. Pollard Rd./10 Mile Lk Rd.
55 Lois Lane/Maple Dr. /Plywood Hill Maple Dr./Plywood Hill/Yendrys/Johnson Rd.
56 West Fraser Rd. Nazko Rd./Tibbles Rd.
57 Gook Rd./Lust Rd./Mnt. Ash Rd./Elm Gook Rd./Mnt. Ash Rd./Lakeview
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