Trustee Responsibilities

Making decisions that reflect public feelings and values on any number of issues.  To do this, Trustees engage in various activities necessary to find out what those feelings and values are.  Trustees do this by:

  • Being involved
  • Being Seen
  • Taking time to listen and talk to people
  • Joining Organizations
  • Attending meetings
  • Visiting Schools

If issues surface, Trustees should find out what information is needed and why, then bring that information to the Board table for discussion.

The Board's Role is to:

  • Make and review policy
  • Determine a vision
  • Set goals and priorities
  • Define quality educational standards and accountability
  • Oversee finance and budget matters
  • Educational / Instruction issues
  • Consult with and advise Senior Administrators
  • Chair various committees
  • Hear appeals to the Board

As committee chairs, Trustees bring the committee's recommendations, if any, to the Board for approval. All committee reports are public except for the Human Resource reports which deal with district personnel, contracts, grievances etc.

Trustees represent the District to the Ministry and to the Public. They consult with employees, parents, students and the public and are involved in the hiring of its executive administrators.

Once or twice a year, trustees and Senior Administrators have a retreat day to review and or set the Board's Goals. The first retreat we set the goals or review the previous years.  The second we evaluate where and what the board has accomplished with their goals. We meet with the partner groups to have input into setting of the Boards goals.

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