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Learning Disabilities

This web page was created by the Quesnel District Support Service’s Team in order to provide information to staff, parents, and students regarding Learning Disabilities.

What is a Learning Disability?

B.C. Ministry of Education – definition, roles and responsibilities, criteria
- Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities: A Guide for Teachers

Learning Disability Designation Process Checklist – This link outlines the full process of investigation for deciding whether a student is Learning Disabled

Learning Disability Referral - Step 1


Learning Disability Referral - Step 2

Learning Disability Referral - Step 3

–This link outlines the process initiated by the Classroom Teacher (discussions with parent, classroom observations and curriculum based assessment)

–This link explains the role of the Classroom Teacher, in consultation with the School Based Team, in continuing an investigation of a learning disability.

–This link explains the role of the student's Working Team in making a referral.

Adaptations and Modifications Checklist – A student with a Learning Disability will have adaptations to their program in order to meet their unique learning needs. This may include varying the method of presentation, the use of scribe or technology for written output, assigned seating, and/or considerations regarding assessment. This checklist provides the school team with many ideas to consider when planning for the LD student.

Useful Resources and Websites – The Quesnel Support Services department has a number of useful resources which can be loaned to school staff and parents. This page also highlights some useful Learning Disabilities websites.





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