Quesnel Distributed Learning

School Without Walls

Quesnel Distributed Learning Program (QDL) is a school that offers flexible programs for students in grades K-9 and courses for students in grades 10-12.

Our eQDL Program (Grade K-9) is a combination of paper, face-to-face and online material.

  • students work primarily from home, with some mandatory face-to-face meetings and an optional weekly study hall
  • eQDL helps students to learn based on their existing ability
  • students are encouraged to understand that they are primary drivers behind their learning
  • students and parents work with the teacher to design the Student Learning Plan

The eQDL program design allows the teacher to build in more time for subject area improvements, as well as opportunities for students to accelerate.

The QDL (Grade 10-12) program delivers courses online.  QDL (grade 10-12) courses are accessed online.

All courses are Ministry of Education approved and taught by BC certified teachers.  There is no distinction between a course credit earned through QDL or in a traditional classroom.  The difference is one of delivery, not of final outcome. All QDL courses show on a student's transcript.

QDL's online courses allow the student to set the pace and place of their studies.  Students can begin and complete a course at any time throughout the year.

The online approach to grade 10-12 courses changes the traditional mode of delivery.

  • the student is presented with all the material for the course​QDL
  • ​​the student must reach out to the teacher for clarification or to ask questions
  • we strive to empower students to understand that they are in control of their learning
  • students need to engage with the material and their teacher to realize in the online world.

QDL offers several required courses and elective offerings.  

For more information:

Visit qdlonline.com