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District Employee Directory

Aboriginal Education
Name Position Phone Email
Doreen L'Hirondelle District Principal of Aboriginal Education 250-991-5550
Name Position Phone Email
Suzanne Bolin Director of Instruction - Curriculum 250-992-8802
Kathleen Roll Secretary to Director of Instruction - Curriculum 250-992-0436
Carlie Coben Principal of Quesnel Distributed Learning 250-991-5550
Jolene King District Vice-Principal of Early Learning and Child Care
Human Resources
Name Position Phone Email
Perry Lofstrom Director of Instruction - Human Resources 250-992-8802
Sandra Backer Human Resources Officer 250-992-8802
Emily Ives Manager of Payroll & Benefits
Beverly Peacock Receptionist/Human Resources Clerk
Operations - Maintenance, Custodial, Information Technology
Name Position Phone Email
Scott Thomson Operations Manager 250-983-1000
Michael Alborn Lead Hand - Information Technology
Secretary Treasurer
Name Position Phone Email
Tracy Ruether Administrative Assistant to the Secretary Treasurer 250-992-0404
Superintendent's Office
Name Position Phone Email
Dan Lowndes Superintendent of Schools 250-992-8802
Carmen Howe Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools 250-992-0401
Student Support Services
Name Position Phone Email
Wanda Klics District Principal of Support Services 250-992-8802
Name Position Phone Email
Trevor Howe Transportation Supervisor 250-992-8361
Christina Warlow Secretary - Transportation 250-992-8361