Student Records/Transcripts

School records and/or certificates must be obtained from the last school attended or the District Administration Office.  This is the case for students who:

  • Graduated (or would have graduated) between January 1974 and December 1985
  • Attended Grade 12 prior to 1974 and were not in the University Entrance or Academic Technical Program
  • Did not attend Grade 12
  • Did not receive their certificate (or diploma) when they graduated.  The District does not have certificates or diploma's kept on file.  The District will have transcripts and/or Permanent Student Records.  Certificates and Diplomas must be obtained through the Ministry of Education.
  • Students who last attended and/or graduated from Quesnel Secondary School between 1984 and 2009 should request transcripts at the District Administration Office

Link to Ministry of Education for Transcripts and Certificates: